Remove VY Carcass - Veto SAFSTOR

Funded by a Lintilhac Foundation Grant, Fairewinds Energy Education has evaluated Entergy’s plan to use the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) sanctioned SAFSTOR process to decommission Vermont Yankee. Developed by the NRC, SAFSTOR is a subsidy that benefits nuclear power plant owners like Entergy by providing them with a 60-year window to decommission nuclear plants.

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A Cheaper Way to Save

Employed as a principal consultant for Vermont Energy Investment Corporation (VEIC), Elizabeth has worked in the energy industry for 20 years. In this video, Elizabeth Chant helps Fairewinds’ viewers understand how energy efficiency coupled with investment incentives can help to change the energy paradigm around the US.

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Strontium-90 and VT Yankee

The summary on Strontium-90 is on pages 7-8 and pages 15-16 of the report to the legislature, below. This was an assessment of Entergy Nuclear VT Yankee’s progress (as of July 1, 2010) toward meeting the milestones outlined by the Act 189 Vermont Yankee Public Oversight Panel, since the incidents with the tritium leak and buried underground pipes, and new reliability challenges facing ENVY, Enterg…

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Nuclear Containment Risk

How could five radiation barriers fail at Fukushima Daiichi? Using the childhood game of dominoes, each domino represents a failed radiation barrier and like the game when a domino falls all others follow.

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Vermont Yankee Shutdown

What’s next for Vermont Yankee? Safe decommissioning and safe clean up of the plant by owner, Entergy. State supervision to make assure that Entergy continues to protect the people and environment of Vermont is imperative.

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