Vermont Yankee Shutdown

What’s next for Vermont Yankee? Safe decommissioning and safe clean up of the plant by owner, Entergy. State supervision to make assure that Entergy continues to protect the people and environment of Vermont is imperative.

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Nuclear Crack Down?

Did you know that embrittled nuclear reactors could shatter like glass? Watch Fairewinds Energy Education’s Nuclear Science Guy Arnie Gundersen demonstrate reactor embrittlement and imagine the shattering glass as a shattering nuclear reactor vessel.

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Thank You from Fairewinds

First of all, thank you for your support of Fairewinds Energy Education. Our Crew works diligently to provide the most up to date factual nuclear safety information as we speak truth to power. Fairewinds shares the belief that everyone has the right to learn about personal health and safety issues.

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Hofstra Nuclear Debate

Should Nuclear Energy be Expanded to Help Create a More Sustainable Future? This was the question that Hofstra University posed to debaters in its second annual Pride and Purpose Debate last Thursday, November 20, 2014. The debate panelists brought together to discuss the environmental, fiscal, and policy issues pertaining to the expansion of nuclear energy were: Arnie Gundersen of Fairewinds Ener…

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French Nuclear Cycle Crash

France has been a world leader in nuclear power, deriving almost 80% of its produced electricity from nuclear reactors. Following the 1974 oil shock, France embraced nuclear power by building 58 nuclear reactors in an effort to be energy self-sufficient. Where do the French see themselves as energy consumers and producers today and what is the future trend for the French after a 40 year investment…

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